Drowning in Toys

We’re always amazed by the amount that our parents managed to do in one day. How did they make the food from scratch, iron our underwear, and fix our beds, on top of everything else that they did?

Well, I figured out the answer.

They didn’t have to deal with the sheer quantity of stuff. There was only one shirt, or a few. They and their children did not change several outfits in one day.
They did not have to put away a thousand items. There were fewer quantities of everything.
And that is how they had time to take care of each item.
Shoes, toys, and all other things had more value because they did cost more to begin with. So each one was respected and taken care of. And there was space and time to take care of these things.
I try to eliminate some items… I try very hard. It’s an ongoing battle! It has to be done when no one is watching. Which reminds me, I should do the laundry now. Or we’ll all drown.

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