Heart & Earth

I determined a long time ago to be as good as I can possibly be—which I define by not causing damage to oneself, others, and the environment.  However, this pact was not the real challenge.  The deal was to be as good as I can be while living in the real world, as part of a society. 

Monks stay pure, but they do not have to deal with traffic, bureaucracy, bills, children, deadlines, lines, AC breaking down, local news, and general exhaustion.  A lot of wonderful people felt inspired by this wonderful world as they sat under a tree, climbed a mountain, or isolated/surrounded themselves in nature.   But the real challenge to commit to being a friendly citizen is to live among others and remain this way, even during the toughest moments.  My mom said that once.  She wanted to make sure I procreate.  I agree with her. 

And I have met many other inspiring people who do help the community and remain 100% positive.  The man whom I named my main character Lovelle, whose name is actually Lovelle Williams, is such a man.  Another unbelievable woman that comes to mind started a great Montessori school for children in Scottsdale, AZ, called Shalom Montessori.   She chose to use her infinite professional talents and kindness and energy to create a great program that now many children in the community benefit from.  I am blown away by her. 

Back to Lovelle:  I met Lovelle Williams at a leadership program in San Francisco.  He had been born addicted to cocaine and alcohol.  He had been homeless.  But the man I met was positive, inspiring, smart, and warm.  He had a garden in the heart of San Francisco.  And his name was Lovelle!  How much more perfect could he have been?  I had been drawing my “Heartlings” throughout the conference.  I was searching for one image that would be my main character.  There was one image that I kept repeating, as my favorite design.  Then Lovelle Williams spoke.  He might have been in his 40’s.  Everyone in the program was inspired by him, like a fan club.  I couldn’t stop flattering him.  He walked me to the car and gave me pretty sunflowers, but he never once hit on me.  Not even a tiny hint of anything inappropriate.  Even as I look back, I know he was focused on the program, and his garden project.  I determined during that conference that my main character would be named after him.  And my main character became a gardener, which was a perfect fit.  My main Lovelle had been a “he” for all those years. 

My baby’s crying.  I’ll just go back to the main idea: 

Planet Earth and Planet Heart use the same letters for a reason—we must act on Planet Earth the way we want it to be—all heart!

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