Heart Mandala Lesson for Gifted Students

What you need for this lecture:

My special hearts for a few groups of 3-4, foam, or other shapes for making patterns. Please invite me to the school with my hearts and I will run the lecture for you! I bring my wooden hearts, hearts with magnets for demos, coloring pages, and foam pieces for crafts!

My lesson:
We’ll start by observing a linear pattern. Upheart,upheart, downheart,upheart….
Who can complete the pattern?
(Change the pattern and create a new one with an error.)
Who can fix the pattern?
Now we’ll learn about mandala patterns.
These patterns are called Mandalas. A mandala is a circular design. The word comes from an ancient language from India called Sanskrit.
I make patterns that are 100% from hearts. I designed a special heart for this purpose. (option to discuss special heart, the power of infinite goodness ™, and also trademark/patent/copyright law)
I also designed special games that are very new.
Continuing the pattern,… fix the pattern, shading pattern, pattern flow,
Examples of some patterns that the children can make and solve.
GROUP ACTIVITY: Make your own pattern in a group & break the pattern. Then each group moves over and finds the error in the pattern. Then change it so that the next group can find the error in the pattern.
CRAFT ACTIVITY: Make your own mandala using glue and foam pieces. (Sea life theme this month!—or any other foam theme)
CRAFT ACTIVITY: Color in my heart mandala pages from my book.

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