HeartMark Philosophy

The HeartMark is more than a gesture. And the gesture is more than a beautiful expression of love. It even goes deeper than the touching concept of creating love with our hands, as opposed to something negative. Yes, there is actually a lot more to it than that!

We’ve already had the heart as a symbol of love. But the HeartMark represents love that is made up of parts of a whole. That is why I had to give it a new name.

It is also the reason I got the patent of the HeartMark. Finally love is made up of multiple pieces coming together as it should! It takes all of us to come together, to connect through love.

The HeartMark represents our connection to our environment, to our inner selves, to nature. It literally shows that everything in this universe is connected.

The HeartMark also celebrates individuality. Each of us is a unique individual.
When we HeartMark, we are saying:

We are unique individuals
We like to connect
When we connect, we connect through Love!

This is what we like to assert through our dancing, our interactions, and our environment.

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