HeartMark Yogalates Lesson for ages 4-6

Dancer doing candle pose in yoga but with hands making a heart to support the back

HeartMark Candle Pose!

The following routine is patented, copyrighted, and trademarked. It may be used with permission only. Please contact Tali Lehavi for licensing information: talilehavi@aol.com.

1. Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark today!
Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark, and have fun today! (Singing in circle, while heartmark–hands making a heart to each other)

2. Wake up the happy heart, wake up your nose, … (Either sitting in a circle facing each other, butterfly legs, bending with the heartmark over each body part, or standing in a circle for variation of the lesson.)

3. Stretch and breathe-fill your heart with air, draw large hearts from high to low
& bend and grow and reach,
curve heart,
beat the heart and send love to your friends!

4. Cradle the heart & portabra sides, up, and bending to the floor.

5. Heartmark hands, and draw hearts with legs for balance. Draw hearts in, draw hearts going out.
Front—right, left. Sides—right, then left.

6. Song in Circle: I don’t want to heartmark, I don’t want to shake hands, I just want to be me, HeartMark HeartMark…
It’s fun to heartmark high and low,
It’s fun to heartmark where we go
It’s fun to heartmark to our friends,
It’s fun to heartmark, so heartmark now!

7. Free style heart poses in couples.

8. HeartMark jumps: Call out different positions.
HeartMark to the east/ Heartmark to the west/HeartMark to different positions to teach right and left…!

9. “Lovelle says” game:
Lovelle says, HeartMark your nose!

10. HeartMark song: Letters Game/ or play HeartMark Simon Says.

10: A heart around my ankle, a heart around my nose, a heart around my heart, and round my heart it goes.
A heart around my knee, a heart around my eye, a heart above my head is really really high.

11. I spy with my HeartMark EyeTM
Who knows how to heartmark something that starts with an S? (shirt, shoelace)
Zipper, pants, hair, grass, …

12. HeartMark cooldown—
13. Heartbow!

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