Mandalas as a Positive Influence on the World:

Heart Mandala, meditate,

Heart Mandala, made 100% of hearts, from Lehavi's series for licensing. Copyrights by Lehavi

When something happens on the news that you can’t control, always remember that you can control your own actions.  You can control being a good person.  You can control not hurting others.  You can control doing your best to teach your children to be their best.  The Heart Mandalas are one of the ways in which I hope to create a positive, educational, non-violent product that I can control.  It is one way to add goodness to the world around us.  Let’s help make Planet  Earth a Planet Heart! TM

If you would like to find this sense of control as well, try buying the Heart Mandala game pieces.  I designed game pieces made of my special hearts.  My hearts have magical dimensions that took years of measurement and trial and error.  They can wedge together and overlap in ways that no other hearts can.  Right now, they are available in wood which you can color in, or in plastic.  All the materials are sourced from nontoxic and environmentally conscious practices.  

You will find that as you choose where to place the hearts, you are exercising this ability to make decisions and control your own destiny.  In the face of infinite patterns potential, you can never go wrong.  Your decisions are actually in a very safe zone, with a positive, beautiful result that provides art and beauty and doesn’t harm the world. 

You may also exercise this ability to choose and control your own destiny by coloring designs.  The Heart Mandala coloring book is therapeutic.  It is not just for children.  You can also color the designs in my Heart Mandala Game Books and in the Heart Mandala Brain Teaser books.  I would really appreciate it if you add your review of the books so that others can also benefit from your comments!   Here is the link to the books on Amazon:

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