OCD–and the Mandala Remedy:

The variety in nature is overwhelming (and beautiful at the same time.)  I see varieties in species, styles of cooking, materials—the potential variety in this list alone could be too much for me.  I find a relief, a cleansing, in forming HeartPatternsTM such as the Heart Mandalas. TM  When I draw a particular heartflower, I am immediately faced with choices.  I have to make one decision at a time about which angle or color to use for my next step.  This is a lot to ask of me, because I see a lot of options at once.  But these are just illustrations, so I can stress less and face the challenge, one heart at a time. 

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Luckily, the technology has allowed me to produce thousands of illustrations, almost as many as I can think.  I don’t have to limit myself to one decision.  What a relief. 

I can even organize them.  I am compelled to organize and categorize them.  I must reflect as many variations as possible, and in the order that they relate.  Sometimes one design relates to several, like a species that begins several new subspecies.  And so the need to make small, but manageable decisions continues.  These HeartMandalas are a reflection of nature.  And they are a product of it.  This is yet another way we are all connected.   

I am so fortunate for these Heart Mandalas, fortunate that I can create them.  I love that I can face the variety and organize it.  It’s therapeutic.  I love practicing making small decisions that don’t alter life as we know it.  And yet they reflect the beauty and the challenges and the harmonies all around.

I HeartMark You!

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