Parent-Child HeartMark Yogalates Lesson Ages 5-Adult

This lesson is available only with licensing and permission from Tali Lehavi. Please contact for licensing or to hire me to teach/train you in the HeartMark Yogalates lessons.

HeartMarkers sitting on the floor: butterheart legs, facing each other.
Wake up the happy heart, nose, eyes, ears, 8 counts
Lift and grow, burst open to the side, 4 counts
Beach ball curve, and straighten x4 16 counts

Change feet to HeartButterfly position, Place upheart on feet and:
Rock side to side 16 counts
Straight back down, and up x2 8 counts
Straight back to pull back in a curve
Pull back to straight back and up x 16 or 24 counts…

Center up S-heartmark, upheart energy facing self) sitting up on pelvic bones:
Head: right side ear to shoulder, up, left side, up, x2 16counts
Right left without the stop up: 4
Rotate head forward only right and left x2 8
Rotate head fully around right and left x2 16

Rotate O-upheartmark (facing other person), shoulder lifts:
Up 2 counts, down 2 cts, x2 8
Right up, left up, x2 8
Both up and down double time 8
Rotate right back x2 4
Rotate right forward x2 4
Rotate left back x2 4
Rotate left shoulder forward x2 4
Rotate back both shoulders together: x2 4
Rotate both shoulders front x2 4

Rotate like in Flamenco while doing a portabra:
center to fifth high to 2nd to center: 16
Open and close fists 16

Center S-upheartmark, place upheart on legs:
Bend to legs one more time and relax, then
Extend legs in front, knees straight 8
Center S-upheartmark:
Point & Flex both feet 8
Point & flex alternating feet 8
point, rotate from thigh, flex, and point,
reverse: flex, rotate out, scoop in point and flex 16

rotate out and prepare to tondu draw, switch hands to O-upheart:
tondu right, and down
tondu left, and down 16
right : tondu draw an upheart 8
left tondu draw an upheart 8
repeat higher, or draw the heart the opposite direction,
right and left 16

arms at 5th high upheart, flat back and over & beat the heart:
reach to legs, 4 beats, and lift up 12
repeat 4x 36

rest the heartmark on the knees.
Rest the chin on the heartmark 8
Rest the right ear, rest the left ear. 8
(elbows on knees is an easier modification.)
pass out hearts to special friends 8 (option for less in music)

legs in 2nd position: arms open to 2nd,
transition to stretch to the side: 8
flex left leg, reach arm to left leg 8
repeat to right 8
repeat left and right 16
flex lft leg, reach arm to left, then rotate to flat back,
reach up and out and repeat on the right 24
walk center, walk back, walk center, lean elbows: 16
beat the heart and pass it to your friend 8
rest heartmark on left leg 8
rest heartmark on right leg 8
rest in center once again: 16 (or a bit less option)

tondu sides! While legs in 2nd position
Just to try: right, left, and both at same time: 12 (or a bit more)

Leg lifts: lean body on left leg, bent at knee, lift right leg, rest heartmark on floor
Flex up & down x4 4
Point up and down x4 4
Repeat flex 4 and point 4 8
Same leg moves to front develop, in front of nose:
Flex 4 and point 4 like above, repeated twice: 16
More! Move leg to front develop, lift straight up,
bring down, and back x4 32
rotate body, for gluts:
lift straight leg directly behind: 4 flex, 4point x2 16
attitude same leg: 4 flex, 4 point, x2 16

rotate leg out, and grand battement sidex8 16
develope, unvelope x4 32

repeat with other leg: 144

Gluts: Lie on back, knees bent, HeartMark on tummy:
Lift buttocks, 1vertebrae at a time, squeeze& hold 8
Release 1 vertebrae at a time, pushing dn the HM 8
Repeat lift and release 3 more times 48
Lift buttocks and keep it up
and squeeze and release 4 counts, 16
then double time: 16

ABS: lie back, heartmark on belly, lift legs to ceiling:
Lift legs to push ceiling up. 32
Bicycle high, low x4 32
Cross legs in flex and in point, up and down: 16

HeartMark Cardio: Using the HeartMark Wands:

End class with a heartbow! And thank the teacher—HeartMark the teacher and the students.

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