Shopping Insight!

Big Insight

Shopping is creative.  Worse than that—Shopping robs time and money away from other creative pursuits.  When we enter a store, we use up all our creative energy.  It overtakes all our brain—right and left hemispheres—my two favorite subjects J.  We start to see possibilities we didn’t see before.  We can combine outfits or foods, remake a room, or start some other project that suddenly just looks so necessary. 

Now that you are aware that this is what happens to you, resist it! Instead of entering a store blind to the temptations, keep your guard up.  Remind yourself that you are better off pursuing creativity at home.  By the time you combine in your mind all the products in the store, you’ll be zapped of time and energy to do it at home.  If you really want to be creative, everything you need is at home.  Otherwise, look it up on the web.  Put it on hold.  Plan.  Planning is a lot cheaper!

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