The XYZ Patterns

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Heart Star (TM) Pyramid with a change in pattern that you have to identify!

The X-Y-Z PatternsTM

Did you know that we all navigate through life on an x-y-z axis?  Our body takes up space.  Our body is upright, along the z axis.  We always bend or lift things along the z-axis.  At all times, we have a front side and a back side, which is the x-axis.  We also have the right and left side, which is the y-axis.  We are at all times in a mathematical space. 

We could perform patterns.  We could tap on the floor 4 times in each direction with our right and left legs.  Then we could bounce the legs off the floor 4 times in each direction.  This would be the same pattern off the floor, as on the floor.  It is an x-y-z pattern, which is what I invented.  If we drew hearts on the floor, and hearts off the floor, it would be a heart pattern, like my Heart Mandalas. TM  For children, I compare these to a wedding cake with 3 tiers and fruits in a particular orientation around each tier, so that each slice will get a fruit according to the set pattern. 

The universe is full of these patterns.  If you practice the Heart Mandala challenges, you will train your brain cells to see this natural order.  It’s really healthy for the mind of a student and for those who want to keep their brain cells alive and active.  It is also great for people who may be challenged in some areas of the brain but not in others.  I highly recommend you try the next set of books that introduce my unique x-y-z patterns.TM  

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