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HeartMarking HeartFlowers and Heartlings connect with heart hands on Planet Heart

HeartMarking HeartFlowers and Heartlings all Connect Through Love!

Heartiyoli Friends!

I have drawn hundreds of HeartFlowers, Heartlings, and Heart creatures of every species. All of them have the HeartMark extending out so that they can meet others. (The new generations have heartbites (TM) taken out of them. ) It is fun to shrink or enlarge them to interactively cause them to HeartMark–to connect with a heart between them. This is a game I exhibited at the Licensing Show in 2003 based on my patent! All the Heartlings from Planet Heart are available for licensing in mulitple categories. They are especially a great fit for plush, stickers, apparel, toys, accessories, animation, and other categories.

I have creatures that I drew by hand, and others that I created in Illustrator (and in even in other older programs.) In addition, I can create new images just for you!

Only I am allowed to create images that connect with a heart between them for plush, apparel, and jewelry, to name a few categories.

The Heartlings and HeartFlowers are stars in a television show whose episodes are all written out. They also have multiple story books written about them. The only part they need is a camera and a network… You can be the first to license the merchandize. Remember, no other product is allowed to connect with the HeartMark connection, so if you get a license from me, your products will be unique!

Contact for licensing information.

Thank you! I HeartMark You! (TM)

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