The POWER of Infinite Goodness and Character Education Lesson

The Power of Infinite Goodness, a heart in every direction, four oceans

The POWER Symbol!

Discussion of the Symbol:

Definition–The Power of Infinite Goodness is a special symbol. It is created by… [tell the classroom about its structure.] It is made up of 4 “oceans,” each represented by a very important word. The words are: respect, care, trust, and patience. The center is LOVE.

Discussion of Respect.
Discussion of Care.
Discussion of Trust.
Discussion of Patience.
Discussion of Love.

a. Define each of the above.
b. Why do you think they are important?
c. Can you think of examples of when you or someone you know exhibited any of these? //Can you think of examples when someone did not exhibit these?

Draw your own Infinite Goodness Art.
Relaxation through the power of the symbol.
Personal expression.

Free interpretation is encouraged! Use any materials that you wish!

Extra: imagination game: complete this story… (of the color planets?)
Or; How do you think this symbol came about?

Discussion Notes:

Care– Includes: [Whom should you care about/for, and how?]
Care about another person—help the weak, sympathize… Not feel jealous…
Care for another person—love of friend, child, parent, grandparent, foreigner, those you never met who are far away, in the past, or in the future.
Care for machines, nature, and other elements.
Care for yourself.

Make others feel good. Make sure not to hurt others, and compliment people.
Help other people even when they do not ask for help—anticipate their needs.
Help people without judging them.
Keep others, yourself, pet, property: healthy. Through check ups, dusting, order…

Respect—Includes: [Whom should you show respect to, and how?]
Respect your parents, elders, younger people…
Respect people of other races, social classes, cultures, religions, …
Respect yourself
Allow people who are different to feel good about what makes them different
Respect property: keep it clean, even if it is not yours, follow the rules…

Allow others to express themselves even when you do not agree, and continue to listen
Let people participate and share in activities with you even if they are not as capable.
Help those who need help, like friends with homework, elderly crossing the street,..

Trust that others have good intentions, even if you do not understand them at first.
Trust that others have good intentions, even if you still don’t understand them.
Speak to people with the assumption that they are good. Don’t cut them off. Don’t
get angry at them. Explain yourself and your intentions with patience, care,
and respect, if it seems that they do not understand.
If people don’t do the right thing, find with them a more effective path they could have
taken. Don’t just assume they meant to do harm. They did not.

All of these, when you follow them, combine to create LOVE in your environment.

For younger children–hand out The POWER of INFINITE GOODNESS worksheet to color in.

Hand out free bracelets?

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