Power of Infinite Goodness Crystal Pendant

Wow! Wear the most original, unique symbol of infinite goodness–The Power of Infinite Goodness!(TM) $64.95
Option to order the same necklace for $1,195 using real diamonds!

Power of Infinite Goodness (tm) crystal pendant

Power of Infinite Goodness Crystal Pendant, $45.95

The Power of Infinite Goodness is a unique design by the inventor of the HeartMark heart hand gesture. Artist Lehavi captures the essentials of deep concepts in elegant, simple designs. This time, a uniquely designed heart and its reverse create the same heart in every direction(tm) ! Notice the infinite symbol results in each direction as well! This is the symbol that is within all the Heartlings on Planet Heart. It is the symbol that allows them to communicate. Lovelle (TM) reminds all, including earthlings, that the Power of Infinite Goodness is inside them! Now you can wear the Power of Infinite Goodness, also called Power Symbol for short! (TM) It’s a the perfect gift of love!

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