Accept Yourself!

Happy Heart mandala

Happy Heart Mandala

The first step to not putting damaging food in your mouth is reminding yourself that you deserve to be healthy. Ask yourself—Do you deserve to be healthy? The answer is yes! You deserve to be healthy. If you have tendencies to hurt yourself, then stop doing that. You have one body. You have to stay in it for the rest of your life. Try to find other activities that will make you feel good. Surround yourself only with positive people who will make you feel really great. Stay away and be very wary of any life coach that uses any negative reinforcement to try to get you to improve. Even if they are trained, this does not mean that their method is right or safe. I will try to make more material available to help people feel great. In the mean time, please try to reach out to positive people who like to exercise, laugh, dance, draw, or compliment you. And tell yourself a million times that you deserve to be healthy. From there, you can learn to put only good things in your mouth.

Also, the people around you will benefit if you take care of yourself. You cannot be as good as you can be if you don’t take care of yourself first. Start by eating healthy. Learn what is healthy and what is not by reading my book and website.

If you still need help, please reach out to positive people who will help you feel good!

I HeartMark You! I send you good HeartMark vibes which you deserve!

Partial view of the original Lovelle copyright 1996

Partial view of the Original design for Lovelle from 1996 in which immediately Lovelle said "The Power of Infinite Goodness is Inside You!" with the trademark heart-hand gesture called the HeartMark!

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