Heart Mandala Brain Teasers in Black and White, Level A $9.95

cover of the book for the Heart Mandala brain teasers in black and white, level A, for ages 4 and up

Wonderful introduction to unique brain teasers (first ones in 3d ever) for ages 4 and up!

Available on Amazon if you press on this link!
This book is the first introduction for patterns that are finally not just linear! The book is appropriate for the youngest audience and their parents to guide. However, children can also enjoy it on their own.
It begins with an introduction to patterns, showing samples of linear patterns. Unlike other books, this book uses only hearts. So changes in the pattern involve the direction or position of the heart, for example. The book quickly progresses to circular patterns. From there, it shows patterns that grow out from a central point. It does not say that these patterns are x-y-z patterns, or 3d, because the terms would be too advanced for its intended audience. However, the patterns are in fact in 3d! Instead of big mathematical terms, children see beautiful HeartFlowers. The flowers are made of hearts that wedge together. All the flowers’s hearts are placed in easily predictable patterns, until a particular heart is missing. Children just have to add the heart to complete the pattern.
Each time a new concept is introduced, the heart that needs to be completed is dotted. For example–extending the pattern out is made easier at first because children just need to connect the dots. Another example of a unique pattern is one in which the internal layer (imagine a layer of cake) is rotated over an external layer. You could conceivably add more layers that are each rotated in this manner. Children can see this without too many words, without talking about “rotating 45 degrees.” They learn about mathematical concepts without the big words. They experience the world in a mathematical concept.
The book is full of beautiful designs to color in, whimsical elements from Planet Heart, and fun. The challenges progress gradually so that there is enough in the book to entertain several siblings at once. (Designed so on purpose because the writer is a mom of 3 girls!)

It is also possible to buy this book together with the Heart Mandala book, one for each child. The material does not overlap and it will satisfy all in the family. The books are designed to complement each other.

Art and math are more connected than people realize. The book will help your child strengthen both their organized, logical left hemisphere, as well as their creative, right hemisphere.

I hope your children will enjoy it!

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