Lovelle T-Shirt, The Power is Inside You!

Lovelle is the first Heartling to ever make the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark! Lovelle is here to remind you that you have the Power of Infinite Goodness. What does this Power of Infinite Goodness mean to you? Make it your own! Make each day full of possibilities with your Lovelle t-shirt!

Lovelle is a copyright of Tali Lehavi. Tali Lehavi is the creator of Planet Heart, where all the Heartlings make the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark to express peace, love, appreciation, and hello. The HeartMark is a trademark of Tali Lehavi that represents all the products that were inspired from this line. It is also a patent! Please inquire about licensing the Heart Hand gesture or any of Lehavi’s designs.

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