Newest Exercise Will Start a New Trend!

I just found the press release that I used 5 years ago to show the HeartMark–the heart hands on tv. This press release helped me show the HeartMark invention on television in 2006! (It was not stolen until I showed it in a different tv taping to become a contestant on the Donny Deustche’s Next Big Idea in March 2008. I did my trademark “See What You Love” and looked through the HeartMark… in the taping. I had been doing that in all my public appearances because that is part of my trademark. …)

News from ShapeXpress
For Immediate Release! ShapeXpress – Scottsdale Airpark
(480) 315-9900 Contact: Tali Lehavi
cell. 480.773.4617

ShapeXpress Showcases a New Exercise Trend
Upscale health club for women showcases at the Women’s Expo HeartMark Yogalates—Women are hooked!

Scottsdale, AZ (April 8, 2006)–This is one exercise that’s sure to be good for your heart. It is also excellent for your flexibility, core strength, and soul. HeartMark Yogalates is the newest fusion between established exercise forms—a hybrid of yoga, pilates, ballet—and one new spiritual addition—the “HeartMark.”™ Tali Lehavi, mother of two with a dance instructor’s background, patented the HeartMark Yogalates.

The classes are now offered exclusively at the ShapeXpress for Women at the Scottsdale Airpark. “The members of ShapeXpress absolutely love HeartMark Yogalates,” Bill Kostel, owner of ShapeXpress said. “I expect that the exercise will become a national exercise trend.”

The “HeartMark” adds a refreshing challenge and answer to what many of us seek when we exercise: a physical and a spiritual connection to ourselves and to each other. In its physical form, the HeartMark is a pose or a movement in which two body parts come together to create a heart. There are different ways to create a heart, with one’s own body, or with others in the room.

Lehavi guides students to exhale negative energy and to inhale positive energy through the heart. Students can beat positive wishes, focus on their goals, and cleanse their thoughts. “The HeartMark is a simple physical expression to a spiritual connection that we all feel,” Lehavi said.

Lehavi is marketing the HeartMark Yogalates as a brand of connectivity through a variety of products that interconnect. To speak with the creator of HeartMark Yogalates visit Booth #2013.


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