Kesemodo Acrylic Figurine on a Stand

Kesemodo (TM), also known as the Water Magician, loves to juggle water bubbles and rhyme magical spells. But the water has to be pure and clean, or his magic makes unexpected results! Kesemodo is the youngest Heartling from the main group in the stories of Lovelle’s Garden and Planet Heart.
Here, Kesemodo’s hands reach out to make the patented and trademarked Heart Hand gesture called the HeartMark. A HeartMark is a heart that is created by more than one item. This is a concept invented and developed by Tali Lehavi. This image is designed to connect to make a HeartMark with other images in the collection.
The name and design of Kesemodo are trademarks of Tali Lehavi. The image is also a copyright of Tali Lehavi. The heart hand extensions are also a US patent. Please contact for licensing this and other designs.

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