Lovelle Figurine-Photo Sculpture

Lovelle is the first Heartling to ever make a heart hand gesture (copyright and trademark 1996). In this pose, Lovelle is eager to make a HeartMark with other Heartlings. Collect each figurine photo sculpture to connect them to each other!
Lovelle lives on Planet Heart (TM) where the heart hand gesture was born. Heartlings use it to express hello, peace, appreciation, and an opening to positive communication. The HeartMark represents so many wonderful virtues!
Play with the figurines in the collection to make them connect to one another. They are designed to HeartMark Connect!

The image of Lovelle is a trademark of Tali Lehavi. The connection of the heart hand to another hand is a trademark of Tali Lehavi. It is also a US patent. The image is a registered image. For licensing please contact

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