Indian Sun Heart Mandala

Artist Tali Lehavi has to form connections! In her typical line of Heart Mandalas, the hearts wedge together–just as people are connected to each other and to nature. And as always–we are all connected through love. The bright colors, providing light and energy, radiate out symmetrically. The design stimulates the right and left hemispheres equally for its aesthetic and mathematical logic. This leads to “Hemispheric Harmony.”(TM)

The Heart Mandala is a brand of Planet Heart. The trademark design style of wedging hearts to create mandalas was developed by artist Tali Lehavi over 18 years ago. She has since published numerous sucsessful books on Heart Mandalas, studied the geometry of the heart, and the effect that it has on our hemispheres. Lehavi has taken this field beyond the lessons from Jung. She is now eager to license her brand onto many products. This copyrighted design shows her trademark style, but she has many more that are available for licensing!

The brand is ready to expand into animation via Lehavi’s line of cartoon characters who live among many such mandalas, software, games, toys, crafts, linens, and other textiles for apparel, accessories, and other categories.

I HeartMark You,

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