Open HeartMark–The gesture named on a shirt!

The gesture in which hands make a heart and the fingers stay open is called the Open HeartMark. Artist Tali Lehavi invented all the different ways in which one can make a heart with the hands and the body and she named all the poses back eons ago. Everything has been registered in the Library of Congress. Lehavi has dedicated her entire adult life to promoting, licensing, and creating art in which hands and other products connect to make a heart between them. She was even awarded a US patent that specifically protects products as well as humans making hearts with their body!
Lehavi has made hundreds of designs with the HeartMark hands, written rhymes, hand choreography, designed cartoon characters that interact in this way, and invented games, to name just some of what she has done with this beautiful gesture. Lehavi has also written many empowering books to inspire others. In addition, Lehavi has created HeartMark Health in which she uses the HeartMark to help people reach their full health potential.
The HeartMark is available for licensing. Please contact for more information.

The original Open HeartMark shirts and jewelry were sold before Zazzle was around!

I HeartMark You,

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