PS Notes (R)–For Moments of Spontaneous Appreciation!

Featuring the HeartMark gesture invented by Tali Lehavi!

The PS Notes is a line of cards to encourage moments of Spontaneous Appreciation.(TM). Each card features the original artwork of Tali Lehavi. In this card, the heart-hand gesture called the HeartMark expresses appreciation.
Keep these cards handy because you just never know when these emotions will heartburst!

The PS Notes is a registered trademark of Tali Lehavi. The Heart-Hand gesture is called the HeartMark and it is the patented and registered trademark of Tali Lehavi as well. “For Moments of Spontaneous Appreciation” is a trademark slogan of Tali Lehavi. The outline of the rectangle is a trademark design, based on Lehavi’s patent, and it is also a registered copyright. There is a surprise about it. Can you spot it? To find out what’s unique about it, contact

It is a line of products made to encourage such intense needs to show appreciation to people who are friendly, inspiring, or helpful, whom you haven’t met previously.

I HeartMark You!

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