Heart Mandala (TM) with Heart Spring Poem

The Heart Mandala is a brand developed by artist Tali Lehavi. This particular design fits children’s rooms, but it will inspire and put a smile on anyone’s face. Like all of Lehavi’s trademark designs, the image is made 100% of hearts. Staring at the center of the design, one can feel the positive energy spread out. We are like the mandala, with a source of positive energy of our own that we can always regenerate. Let this mandala be a reminder of that energy. The poem inside expresses this sentiment: “You’re the Heart Spring Generating Positive Energy Endlessly.”
The Heart Mandala is perfectly symmetrical and mathematically logical. In addition, the color choice and aesthetic is very pleasing. It is a result of wonderful harmony between the left, logical hemisphere, and the right, creative hemisphere.

May this Heart Mandala (TM) bring you lots of joy, peace, appreciation, and never-ending optimism.

I HeartMark You!

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