HeartPetal Mandala with the HeartMark in Center!

The Heart-Hand gesture is called the HeartMark. It is the invention, patent, and trademark of artist Tali Lehavi. It was born out of Planet Heart, a world in which everything is made of hearts. Lehavi created this ideal universe so that she could teach children to make Planet Earth as amazing as Planet Heart–full of character education values.

Lehavi navigates from simple to complex designs. She discovered many fascinating effects that she can achieve with one shape alone–the heart. This shape, created at first before there was the computer technology to do so, is a mandala “petal” created from the heart alone. Let love, warmth, and energy draw you in to the center where you find the HeartMark hands. Your hands can create love, too!

Have a heartastic day!
I HeartMark You!

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