HeartMark Rewards!(TM)

Poglike game for children to receive and collect when they make great choices

HeartMark Rewards for children to receive and collect when they make great healthy choices!

HeartMark Rewards with photo, using square, first pallette
You may print and cut these rewards out to give to your child, or email TaliLehavi@aol.com to order puzzle-thick high quality rewards. You may also add your logo!

HEALTHY EATING IS A CHOICE. It has consequences. Teaching to choose healthy foods is similar to teaching about economics. By offering an incentive program like the HeartMark Rewards, you are empowering your children to make great choices.

Do you feel comfortable offering your child rewards when they eat healthy and “charging” when they don’t? The HeartMark Rewards program was developed as an alternative incentive to help children choose to eat healthy.

I have been testing the HeartMark Rewards since 2006. Children, nurses, and parents love the pog-like game. HeartMark Rewards are interactive and collectible. Every piece has heart bites taken from it either facing up or down. This gives it special powers that allow it to either HeartMark connect or not with other pieces. The more rewards you have, the more you’ll want to have! Parents–if you hand these to children when they eat healthy and require them to pay you back in exchange for something unhealthy, then you might end up with super healthy eaters!


When using the HeartMark Rewards, please do not call junk food a “treat.” A treat is something that is good for you. Junk food is bad for you. It is poison. It makes you feel bad. The choice you make in your words actually influences how you and your children will think of choices. If you call bad choices a treat, then you are sending the type of message that they will end up trying to resist (and often fail) for their whole lives.

The first HeartMark Rewards tested were round and square like in the sample photos above. The newer rewards are round. This may change as HeartMark Health introduces new collectible series. For the latest batch of high quality puzzle material HeartMark Rewards, email talilehavi@aol.com subject: HeartMark Rewards.

I HeartMark You! 🙂

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