I Love Simple Math!

I loved math when I was young, and I still do. I love that I can prove in multiple ways how to reach the same result. I love that it all makes so much sense. I am talking about simple, elementary school level math.

(For example, the way that 80% is the same as 80 over 100, which is the same as 80cents, which is the same as 8 dimes or 4 groups of 20 cents, which is the same as 4/5ths, which is the same as 4 divided by 5,…which goes back to the beginning, and it is also the same as 4 out of 5 on a test, or 8 out of 10 right, or 80 out of 100, and it’s also the same as 4/5th of a cake.)

Personally, I never studied above the high school level. Nevertheless, you don’t have to study higher levels in math to enjoy the simple perfection of it on its basic level.

Simple math happens to be very useful in all that we do. It comes in handy when we shop. The store Justice tries to say that we can use either 40% off any purchase or $25 off after we spend $50. I feel so powerful that I know when to use which coupon.

Simple math crept into every area of my life even without introducing itself. My Heart Mandalas, to those who haven’t read the specific Heart Mandala math blogs, exist within an x-y-z axis. I am wired to understand my surroundings in this 3D environment. So I create works of art that fit patterns within a 3D space. I could dance 3 steps to the right, or draw 3 hearts to the right of the center of the page. I could clap twice with my knees bent when I reach the third step. Or I could draw two little hearts facing down on the third heart. I could repeat the same combination to the front, side, and back (or on each side of the page.)

Simple math is also at the core of my design of my heart. Historically, hearts were always used for their symbolic, aesthetic, or physiological meaning. I developed a geometrical heart that can be defined in mathematical terms. Because of that, the heart can become a tool.
The angle of my heart’s pointed base is always defined in relationship to the point where the two curves meet. No one has ever thought to make the base match in angle to the top, but I do it so that the hearts can wedge.

My mathematical heart design is also a tool in that I can rotate and place it over itself in multiple directions for a perfect match.
My calculations have resulted in a design that can be used like a building block. The new design can be used for Lego-style blocks, beads, and crafts.

Even though a heart is an aesthetic element, and even though I am an artist, I want to encourage everyone to give math a chance. They don’t have to study upper levels to enjoy and benefit from math.
This unique heart that I designed is my trademark for the toys, jewelry, and art designs that I make!

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