HeartFlakes and Heartcicles!(TM)–A Heartastic Coloring Book

Heartflakes and Heartcicles is a coloring book from Planet Heart about snow that is made completely only from hearts!  Mandala,arabesque, kaleidoscopes of hearts!

100% Heart Certified, These snowflakes will warm your heart!

Available for purchase through Amazon, this stunning coloring book celebrates the infinite ways of joining hearts to create the equally infinite range of snowflakes. Lehavi has always marvelled at the diversity in nature. The simple, elegant heart shape is a perfect vehicle to capture this infinite diversity.

Perfect as a holiday gift, or year round, the book has over 60 designs of snowflakes that are made of hearts and all range in level to fit whatever mood you’re in. Lehavi’s snowflakes show her trademark style of wedging hearts, just as we should all join our hearts and connect through love!(TM)

The book also offers some fun scientific background on snowflakes! It turns out that snowflakes on Planet Earth and HeartFlakes on Planet Heart have a lot in common!


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