Sponap Green Book

All images in book have the same sized Heart Bite taken out so all connect to make a heart between them, plus children can color in, and all pages are two sided, for making paper dolls

The Sponaps will come to life and connect to make a heart between them! "Let's make all negative spaces Positive!" (TM)

New from Planet Heart is The First Craft Book in Which All Designs Connect To Make A Heart Between Them!

This exciting compilation, available for purchase through Amazon, shows some of the surprising new geometries that are possible when you consider the spaces that form between objects. The artist Lehavi chose to take “Heart Bites” of equal sizes of all the shapes in the book. Each design is reflected on the back. This way, you can color in and cut out each page and make it a paper doll that connects to another design from another page!

All the designs are also available as stencils for cutting play dough, cookies, or for tracing. Please inquire to purchase separately. It is a great activity at fundraisers, girl scout meetings, parties, and all crafting opportunities.

Please follow the link to purchase this creative activity book for children directly from Amazon! The act of joining several items to make a heart between them is a patent and a trademark of Planet Heart. For licensing, please contact Talilehavi@aol.com

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