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The HeartMark Method to a Healthy Life!

Heartiyoli Friends!

HeartMark Health is dedicated to helping you reach a balanced, happy life. HeartMark Health is based on these principles:
1. Each person deserves to be healthy and happy. (Tell yourself now: “I deserve to be happy and healthy.”)
2. Each person must love and accept themselves as they are in the present. Please say: “I accept myself and love myself inside and out.” This may take more lessons. HeartMark Health loves these lessons!
3. Each person will learn to teach themselves to love foods/exercise/life habits that are good for them. This will require some self-conditioning. HearMark Health lessons will guide you to avoid statements that trip you, such as statements that make bad habits seem like rewards or like a desirable action. For example, some people say things that make them think that healthy food is nasty and only bad food is tasty. You will never again hear this concept ever. You will never feel deprived again. This involves many lessons that act as “classical conditioning.” Basically, you will be teaching yourself to associate feeling great from eating healthy, and the reverse. Starting now, say: “I enjoy the feeling I have after I eat healthy.” HeartMark Health is about teaching yourself to love making healthy choices about all aspects of your life, not just your diet and exercise.

4. HeartMark Health is about learning to make choices that are great for the immediate need but also for the future at the same time. HeartMark Health is not about making choices that might make you feel great momentarily, but guilty or hurt in the future. This connects to all the previous points.

5. The method of the HeartMark allows you to stay mindful. It allows you to think about what you do. You can take deep breaths through the HeartMark. You can focus and meditate inwardly. You can exhale stale energy out. You can exhale positive energy towards others. You can take in positive energy from others. Everything goes through the HeartMark.

6. The HeartMark is practical as it is philosophical. From a practical perspective, the heart is the best way to express oneself. It does allow for meditation, inward focus, and outward expressions of love, generosity, appreciation, trust, respect, and peace.

However, from a philosophical perspective, the HeartMark is clearly the best way to express love through connectivity. Love has always been represented by a whole heart. However, love is made of many interconnecting people and parts. Love should be the beautiful unity of multiple components. And love for oneself is the same. So is love for others. We cannot focus on ourselves in our busy life unless we take time out to bring together disjointed forces, represented by the hands. We need to breathe in through the HeartMark and out. As we practice this form of time out, making mindful choices becomes second nature. It stops taking time out of our lives. In fact, …the heart hands become less necessary become the mind is trained to think positively through an imaginary HeartMark.

7. Like all cultures need a ritual to stop life’s craziness and to bring family and friends together, to focus on positive values, to clean and catch up with the past, and to reflect and imagine a brighter future, the HeartMark is one such new expression that is going to be part of your HeartMark Healthy life!