HeartMark Hop! (TM)

HeartMark Hop Hands and name of game and web address heartmarkhop.com

The HeartMark Hop is the HeartMark Hope!

Lehavi HeartMark Halo

Lehavi promoting the HeartMark Hop Game

(This brief clip just shows a four year old and a seven year old jumping the basic steps. The HeartMark Hands aren’t showing clearly in this short clip. All the long clips are too long to post–especially the ones from the performance on stage at Shape Up AZ 2009, but the long clips show all the HeartMark Hands making hearts at the different levels. I will try to break them up and post them.)

HeartMark Hop Game

HeartMark Hop Game $9.95

Cardinal mascot does the HeartMark Hop!

The Cardinal Mascot Jumps The HeartMark Hop Game!

I HeartMark You, open finger T-shirt! on promo day for Shape Up AZ

I HeartMark You! T-Shirt on promo day for HeartMark Hop for Shape UP AZ!

Lovelle heartmarks

Lovelle Comes to Support the HeartMark Hoppers at Shape UP AZ! (first promo day)

I say HeartMark Hop words