Power of Infinite Goodness

Two hands make the heartmark to overlap and create the Power Symbol

Make two overlapping HeartMarks to be heartoosed into Planet Heart!

Power of Infinite Goodness in Zebra pattern and red outline with the trademark symbol near it

The Power of Infinite Goodness, in its straight form

The Power of Infinite Goodness(TM) is created by making two hearts, in opposite directions! Two overlapping hearts, in opposite directions, create a heart in every direction (TM.) This magical symbol is so powerful that if you create with your hands a heartmark and overlap them with another friend, you will be heartoosed into Planet Heart! It is also the way you can understand Heartlings, no matter what language you speak. In doing so, you will instantly gain an extra shade for your C-Box! Want to know what that is? Join the Planet Heart Fan Club!The Power of Infinite Goodness, also called the Power Symbol for short, is the communication device within each Heartling (TM) on Planet Heart (TM.)

If you would like to learn more about the Power of Infinite Goodness, like the four oceans in it, its mystical shape and its other purposes on Planet Heart, please fill in the contact form and join the “Planet Heart Fan Club.” I will send you secret information about the powers of this magical image. This image has never been invented by anyone else and has never been seen before. Also, its powers have never been revealed until now.

The Power of Infinite Goodness is protected by US copyright, trademark, and patent laws. I have a huge portfolio of gorgeous designs for the power of infinite goodness for jewelry, apparel, accessories, linens, and other textiles and room decor.

A heart overlapping another heart make four hearts, one in each direction to create the Power of Infinite Goodness

The Power of Infinite Goodness!

Power of infinite goodness, thin, curvy

Power of Infinite Goodness, thin and curvy

Power of Infinite Goodness in chunky design and TM symbol

The Power of Infinite Goodness can take on lots of designs and thicknesses!

Available for licensing for jewelry,apparel, games, and more!