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Why We Spend Way Too Much When We Shop

Here I go about the Hemispheres again: Shopping can easily become a right hemisphere activity. Most people don’t leave the house armed with left hemisphere lists, coupons, and plans for what they’ll buy. If they do, they are protecting their left hemisphere from what is about to be an explosion of activity by the right. […]

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Guidelines for Enhancing the Hemispheres

A class that seeks to enhance Hemispheric Harmony needs to: (Exciting News: This content is patent pending) 1. Provide activities that stimulate each hemisphere. 2. Provide a method to make people aware that they are using each hemisphere 3. Provide moments of reflection to let people listen to their hemispheres. 4. Provide a way to […]

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Communication Between the Right and Left Hemispheres is more Important than the Strength of the Sides!

Moments of great invention often happen “by accident.” But is it an accident? I think they are moments of wonderful communication between the two hemispheres. The moments of thinking outside the box are also such moments. When you engage in activities, listen carefully. Take time out. The HeartMark is the gesture that allows you to […]

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“Anal” is Really the Left Hemisphere

Thanks to Freud, we know that there is another surface, a layer of thoughts and events that guide us that we’re not always aware of. Freud lay the foundation for searching beneath the surface. However, he was quite wrong about his interpretations of that subsurface. Clearly no one today believes women actually envy that male […]

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Mandala exercises discovered to bring harmony to your dueling hemispheres

New Brain Exercises for the Right and Left Hemisphere Will Help You and Your Children! by Tali Lehavi Hamer Scottsdale, AZ– Author, artist, and inventor Tali Lehavi has found a new way to help us all feel better. She has already enriched the world by inventing the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark, which Taylor […]

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Art is good for you & your hemispheres!

If you have ever listened carefully to your thoughts while working on an art project, you probably experienced a lot of negotiations between the right and left brain. That is because your brain hemispheres are very active while you create. Imagine playing with the wooden heart puzzle pieces and the Power of Infinite Goodness (TM) […]

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What I know that Carl Jung didn’t

If you speak to an economist, he’ll tell you it’s all economics. If you speak to a psychologist, she’ll say it’s all psychology. And if you ask an art major, he’ll say it’s all art… And so on. Each college student who majors in the field of their choice begins to see the world defined […]

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Creativity within Limits:

In ballet class, while doing bar work, we memorized routines set to music.  The music was divided  into four parts, and each part was divided into four as well.  A responsible routine allowed the leg to use its muscles in each of the four directions of the body.  We had four chances to warm up […]

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Creativity with Boundaries:

Creativity seems limitless.  It’s quite infinite in fact.  However, creativity does exist within rules.  It has some boundaries.  For example, I can make an infinite amount of heart mandalas.  But for a Heart Mandala Game Book, I have to choose a set of 3-5 fixed sizes of hearts, and keep all the hearts the same shape […]

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Mandalas as a Positive Influence on the World:

When something happens on the news that you can’t control, always remember that you can control your own actions.  You can control being a good person.  You can control not hurting others.  You can control doing your best to teach your children to be their best.  The Heart Mandalas are one of the ways in […]

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Heart Mandala Rewards:

I hope the Heart Mandalas can bring beauty to someone else out there.  I recommend cutting them out and feeling them in your hand.  Children can feel the magic of creating beauty on their own.  It is very satisfying.  Children can give parents Heart Mandalas as thank you’s to show their appreciation. Parents can hand […]

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OCD–and the Mandala Remedy:

The variety in nature is overwhelming (and beautiful at the same time.)  I see varieties in species, styles of cooking, materials—the potential variety in this list alone could be too much for me.  I find a relief, a cleansing, in forming HeartPatternsTM such as the Heart Mandalas. TM  When I draw a particular heartflower, I […]

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