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HeartFlakes and Heartcicles!(TM)–A Heartastic Coloring Book

Available for purchase through Amazon, this stunning coloring book celebrates the infinite ways of joining hearts to create the equally infinite range of snowflakes. Lehavi has always marvelled at the diversity in nature. The simple, elegant heart shape is a perfect vehicle to capture this infinite diversity. Perfect as a holiday gift, or year round, […]

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Sponap Green Book

New from Planet Heart is The First Craft Book in Which All Designs Connect To Make A Heart Between Them! This exciting compilation, available for purchase through Amazon, shows some of the surprising new geometries that are possible when you consider the spaces that form between objects. The artist Lehavi chose to take “Heart Bites” […]

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HeartMark Hop!

HeartMark Hop! from HeartMark Brand/Planet Heart by talilehaviView more Heartmark T-Shirts The HeartMark Hop is a game similar to Chinese jump rope, except that you have to make the trademark heart hand gesture as you jump! Invented by the inventor of the heart hand gesture, Tali Lehavi, this game will get our kids up and […]

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Sponap-Gen II–Dildude (TM) Key chain

Sponap Gen II–Dildude, from Planet Heart by talilehaviMake your own personalized keychains on zazzle Place your keychain near another’s and you will make the HeartMark Connection! The Sponaps were born out of Spontaneous Appreciation! Dil means heart. All the Sponaps connect by making a heart between them, the trademark connection called the HeartMark invented by […]

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Heart Hand Chain–Connect Through Love Necklace!

Heart Hand HeartMark Chain necklace by talilehaviSee other Heart Necklaces The heart hand gesture, called the HeartMark, represents all of artist Lehavi’s work. This unique design from 2003 will allow you to connect literally to others who wear a similar necklace or use a similar key chain–Just hold the designs so that the hands continue […]

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