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Lovelle Discovers Her Gift

Copyright By Tali Lehavi Lovelle was born with a very special gift. “Why can’t we tell her about her gift?” the young Heart Aura asked as she flittered around Lovelle’s crib, spreading pink sparkles made of HeartFlower pollen. “She has to discover it by herself. She has to be brave enough to discover it,” explained […]

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Butterheart Betty Discovers the HeartMark

Copyright by Tali Lehavi When BUTTERHEART BETTY was very young, she did not have friends. She saw other butterflies flittering in the garden. They hopped over each other from flower to flower. It seemed like a very enjoyable game! Could Butterheart Betty join them? Betty did not know how to ask them. She felt left […]

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Heart-Best Efforts

Copyright by Lehavi Hamer Deep in space, beyond the Banana Galaxy and to the left of the Triangle Galaxy, the Heart Galaxy glows like a valentine of pink and purple stars. At the center of this galaxy lies the HeartGarden solar system, where Planet Heart orbits around a warm Heart Sun. Planet Heart is made […]

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Wrapped To Go!

Lovelle, redone in IllustratorBy Tali Lehavi Hamer Lovelle(TM) spent the week of Spring break with grandma. On Monday, Grandma splashed Lovelle with a hose in the yard. When she was done, she wrapped Lovelle in a towel and said, “I’m going to wrap you like a burrito and eat you!” On Tuesday, grandma took Lovelle […]

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By Tali Lehavi Hamer Milliheart and Centiheart were playing make-believe when Milli noticed how beautiful all her hearts were! “Count my hearts!” said Milliheart as she admired her lovely hearts in the mirror. “I can shake them, I can twist them, I can bend them, and I can even roll them into a ball.” Centiheart […]

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The Magic Heartoscope (TM)

Story by Tali Lehavi Available for purchase on Amazon: In a poor village, in a distant land, lives a very imaginative girl with freckles, dimples, and wild curls. The girl, whose name is Jaminor, lives in a house as tattered as a house can be. The roof leaks when there is rain. The windows creak when […]

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