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Mandala Secret Code?

I found this old entry from 7.1.1998, at 4:45 pm!!! It is a section in which I think to myself and brainstorm by writing my thoughts. I tend to review ideas this way at the same time. It is one of the methods I use to generate ideas. The marketable results from a section like […]

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HeartMarking Heartlings and HeartFlowers from Planet Heart

Starter Set 1 : $32.95 Choose between laminated or puzzle pieces. You’ll receive collectible Heartlings and HeartFlowers from Planet Heart. All Heartlings and HeartFlowers have the Power of Infinite Goodness inside them! All the pieces come separately, but they have HeartMarking Hands or other body extensions. Order this set by emailing talilehavi@aol.com /subject: order Heartmarking […]

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Sample HeartMarking Heartflower Banner

Heartiyoli Friends! I have drawn hundreds of HeartFlowers, Heartlings, and Heart creatures of every species. All of them have the HeartMark extending out so that they can meet others. (The new generations have heartbites (TM) taken out of them. ) It is fun to shrink or enlarge them to interactively cause them to HeartMark–to connect […]

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