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HeartMark Hands Coaster 2, matches Sun Sponap Line! Collectible!

Heart Mark Hands beige Coaster, Sun Sponap line by talilehaviMore Live Coasters The heart hands in the center of the coaster embody so very many powerful meanings such as peace, appreciation, love, unity, inner strength, harmony, connectivity, trust, respect, calm, clarity, balance, positive aura, … What will it mean to you? The half hearts with […]

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Sun Sponap in Live and Love Within the Spaces Poster 11″ by 14″

Sun Sponaps, Live & Love Within The Spaces (TM) by talilehaviLarge format printing from zazzle This geometrical arrangement celebrates the love that we can create between the spaces in our environment. Each circle has multiple “bites” of hearts taken from it. The shapes seek each other out to Connect Through Love.(TM) Even when they don’t […]

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Cocorroli, the Pink Sponap Coaster: $9.95 or less with purchase of any 5 coasters

Cocorroli, The Pink Sponap Coaster.ai by talilehaviSee other Planet Coasters This is one coaster that’s sure to break the ice! The heart “bites” (TM) on this coaster allow you to connect it to other coasters with heartbites. The half heart bites face alternating directions. If you place this coaster near another coaster where the heart […]

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