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Communication Between the Right and Left Hemispheres is more Important than the Strength of the Sides!

Moments of great invention often happen “by accident.” But is it an accident? I think they are moments of wonderful communication between the two hemispheres. The moments of thinking outside the box are also such moments. When you engage in activities, listen carefully. Take time out. The HeartMark is the gesture that allows you to […]

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Creativity with Boundaries:

Creativity seems limitless.  It’s quite infinite in fact.  However, creativity does exist within rules.  It has some boundaries.  For example, I can make an infinite amount of heart mandalas.  But for a Heart Mandala Game Book, I have to choose a set of 3-5 fixed sizes of hearts, and keep all the hearts the same shape […]

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OCD–and the Mandala Remedy:

The variety in nature is overwhelming (and beautiful at the same time.)  I see varieties in species, styles of cooking, materials—the potential variety in this list alone could be too much for me.  I find a relief, a cleansing, in forming HeartPatternsTM such as the Heart Mandalas. TM  When I draw a particular heartflower, I […]

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