Avocado-Purple Yam-Apricot-Dill Salad!

Creativity came to me as I looked at the fresh apricots while making guacamole, mushing the avocados down with a fork. The purple yams had already been steaming, just by chance, because it was time to make them. None of these separate ingredients were intended to get mixed together initially. I knew my husband would be thrilled with a guacamole. Then I thought it would be fantastic to add apricots! But I resolved to do a separate batch so my man will get what he is used to and not just the novelty. As I imagined chopping apricots and avocados in a similar size, the idea of adding chopped, warm, purple yams to avocado seemed brilliant. I wasn’t sure how I’d flavor it. It just needed me to imagine the option when the time would come–when I’d be done with assembling them together. But soon my time was up, as everyone gathered in the kitchen. My hands reached for nearby and familiar products–olive oil, rice vinegar, white pepper, fresh chopped dill, pink Himalayan salt. Voila!

At first I placed the salad in a salad bowl. Then I separated it and used it to decorate my giant turkey burger. The colors! So delightful! So festive for the season, like an ode!

This salad could hold for a few days thanks to the rice vinegar. However, it will probably get completely devoured!

Hurry up and try it while the ingredients are in season!


Steamed organic purple yams found in Sprouts supermarket right now.
Fresh dill
Olive oil
Rice vinegar
Pink Himalayan Salt
White pepper (optional.)

Of course, you may play around with quantities or alter the ingredients. There is no forced formula. I might have used others if others had been around or if I was in a different mood. But this particular combination tastes award winning! It is a nurturing, healthy, comforting delight! You will feel energetic and pure like you do after a great yoga class!

I HeartMark You!

Tali 🙂

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