HeartMark Yogalates

Lehavi, doing the trademark heartMark heart hand gesture in yoga stretch

Lehavi beating HeartMark vibes to Everyone!

The HeartMark Yogalates is a fusion of three disciplines, bridging only what works, leaving out what hurts and isn’t any fun anyway, and maximizing your time for an efficient, fun workout!

Benefits of the HeartMark Yogalates:

  1. From Ballet—we work our way up the body. Several benefits from that:
    1. Each muscle gets ample preparation and repeat progressive strengthening
    2. No muscle is expected to perform something that it is not ready to perform, so every pose is comfortable
    3. Healthy for the advanced and beginner at once
    4. Energy builds as you go along. Come in tired, leave energized!
  2. From Yoga—
    1. Healthy breathing
    2. Positive thinking and life style choices—We deserve to focus on ourselves!
  3. From Pilates—
    1. Focus on the core
    2. Healthy alignment
  4. From the HeartMark Connection
    1. Focus on inner thoughts, channeling positive energy in and out!
    2. Feel good, feel young, feel like a little girl!
    3. Connecting to each other & giggling is healthy
  5. Result:
    1. Have better circulation
    2. Feel energized, longer, taller, stronger
  6. Areas we target:
    1. Ankles, calves, thighs, hips
    2. Stomach (abs), buttocks (gluts), back
    3. Shoulders, neck, sinuses…!

For books, HeartMark Wands, and other teaching materials such as lesson plans, definitions of all the poses, and licensing permission to teach the classes, please contact Tali Lehavi: talilehavi@aol.com

HeartMark Halo

HeartMark Halo

HeartMark Halo, pregnant with 2nd daughter

HeartMark Halo, photographed while pregnant with 2nd daughter

Inhale from your nose, lift the HeartMark without lifting your shoulders, continue to lift from center HeartMark to Halo HeartMark. Then exhale and burst the HeartMark, opening your arms, your chest (heart),releasing your hands on each side, and then bringing them back to HeartMark center.

center HeartMark

Center HeartMark

Dancer makes heart with hands to show yoga pose

HeartMark Yogalates is great for your heart! License this patented and trademarked fitness program!

HeartMark Candle Pose

HeartMark Candle pose

Towards the end of the lesson, after a very scientific and systematic training of the body from toes to the top, the body for some may be ready for the HeartMark Candle Pose. Please do not try this until you have strengthened and stretched systematically from the toes up to the neck. This pose is excellent for many muscle groups at once. I especially recommend it to women who know they have to wear heels later in the day. The pose can prevent lower back pain because it strengthens the muscles that we usually can’t control and arch. It strengthens other muscles all around, including the thighs and abs. If you can get into this pose, and move around as I can teach you in my books and classes, you will feel really great after!

HalfMoon with HeartDimple

ab warm up with heart hands doing heartmark

ab warm up at Gold's Gym using heart hands

HeartMark Yogalates

Growing into a giant Heart...

balance HeartMark before Warrior 3

Balance HeartMark pose, but hip needs to be lower

This pose is part of a routine in which we test our balance at the end of the lesson, to make sure we are equal on both sides. Clearly, this was taken after my pregnancy–my hip is not in line with the other. But we should focus on how well we are doing, and not just criticize. So I kept the photo. The Heart is what really counts, and it looks great! This balance pose later leads to Warrior 3 HeartMark pose. (Just flex the foot, pass it through the knee, then flex and reach the foot directly behind you. Reach your HeartMark front or back.)
Remember that if you want to teach these lessons, you need to license the right from me. The HeartMark and making hearts with the body is a US Patent of mine, as well as a trademark. If you license from me, I can help you with lesson plans, books with photos, t-shirts, and accessories! People of all ages have enjoyed my classes, and I have worked with people from every age group!

Please check out the old sample routines under the “lessons” tab on this website.

Cookie Cutter heart

Cookie Cutter heart

HeartMark Pillow

HeartMark Pillow!

The HeartMark Pillow is a great pose. Inhale reach forward, exhale rest on the HeartMark Pillow. Inhale lengthen your back, exhale inch your elbows further. Repeat. Flex and point your feet continuously. Pause to rub your feet, rub your temples, rub your shoulders, and return to the HeartMark Pillow. Flex and point the feet to relieve tension and increase flexibility.
It is a great pose to do earlier in the lesson. You cannot expect of yourself to do any work if you don’t prepare your lower back. This pose will also allow the blood to flow more freely to your body. After this worthwhile stretch, everything else becomes easier than if you hadn’t taken the time to do it. Plus, you get to rest on a HeartMark Pillow!

HeartMark Chain

HeartMark Chain

Happy baby HeartMark

Happy Baby HeartMark

HeartMark Chain

HeartMark Chain

See What You Love

See What You Love (TM)

See What You Love in the HeartMark Yogalates is used along side the alligator HeartMark pose. It’s a great exercise for the back. It is a great counter pose for any ab work. But please follow it up with more child pose– so that you pose & counter pose.

*See What You Love (TM) is my trademark. I have been making the HeartMark and saying “See What You Love” in all my HeartMark Yogalates classes as well as in all my nutrition lectures. I have a videotape that shows my nutrition lectures at Sprouts saying this sentence in 2008. I had written many, many stories about Lovelle “Seeing What She loves” through the HeartMark. I even pitched these stories to publishers in 2003, and the stories are in the library of Congress. After I pitched the HeartMark at an invention convention, in order to win first prize to appear on the Donny Deustche show, I did “See What You Love” through the HeartMark. It’s been my routine. The agents, instead of contacting me and hearing how much I’ve developed this mega brand, wrote to me that “they don’t know how to market it.” .. the rest we’ll see about.

HeartMark Child Pose

HeartMark Child Pose

upHeartMark on toosh
How far can you reach your HeartMark behind your back?

Heart Hands upside down on back of three girls

HeartMark Yogalates is fun!

Please ask to see my book with all the poses named. All the poses and their names are each a trademark of Tali Lehavi Hamer. Please contact me for licensing so that you may use these in your classes! If you want me to come and present to you a lesson, I will be glad! I also sell t-shirts in a variety of HeartMark styles, so they add to the fun of any fitness camp!