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The Congenital Heart Walk on 11/06/11 was a blast! Planet Heart sponsored the crafts table to entertain children. We had 5 tables of activities!!!
1. In one station, children could color in mandala books and the new Sponap book that I had just published days before!
2. In another station, children could build mandalas from trademark wooden hearts. They could imitate mandalas from the green Heart Mandala book, or freely design whatever they want.
3. In another station, children had stencils to draw. They could trace inside unique HeartMarking Sponap shapes, including the heart hand stencils for sale, they could draw inside the Power of Infinite Goodness stencil, or they could trace the trademark hearts!
4. In another station, children enjoyed the unique cookie cutters in the shapes of all the Sponaps and the HeartMark heart hands! This way, every child at the Congenital Heart Walk could walk away with a shape that could connect to make a heart with another child! These cookie cutter shapes cut the playdough in a variety of colors. This was especially popular among the age group that is too young to draw.
5. In another station, Planet Heart offered the jewelry lines that are available for sale. We had the Sponap shapes–HeartMark line, the Heart-Hand necklaces, and the Power of Infinite Goodness necklaces in sterling silver. I have to say, jewelry is a hot item!
6. In yet another station, I taught children to play strategy games similar to Connect 4 and Tetris with my Sponap pog-like game pieces.
7. Finally, the Sponap dice were a hit. These little things speak for themselves.

I enjoyed watching people interact with all the toys that I dreamed up. All of the work is available for purchase.

I am blown away by the confidence in children who walk up to the table, grab and move and interact without an attitude that the world is theirs. I wish that for everyone.

This super handsome boy gravitated to the building toys from the hearts instantly. He created a huge design and explained to me to look at it from many perspectives. He asked me to photograph it from below to show it in other 3D angles. Had he ever built anything in 3D before? He said no. So my wooden magical hearts may have showed him a hidden talent that he will hopefully pursue as a career.

Here he made a “heart sandwich!” 🙂 Yum!

Handsome talented kid discovers talent in 3D design with trademark hearts building a sandwich at Congential Heart Walk where Planet Heart lends a heart hand with a 5 table booth for crafts for children

This wonderful boy discovered a talent in 3D design at the Planet Heart craft table!

11.06.11 A design in 3D by a boy, using the magical trademark hearts from Planet Heart, at the Congenital Heart Walk fundraiser craft book, with trademark heart hand inventor Tali Lehavi

The 3D design. The boy who built it wanted the heart to stand on its edge, so he found a way to do that. That's thinking out of the box!

Another boy, among many, who build designs with the Heart Mandalas. Because the wooden hearts are a building toy and because boys are so used to building, they are naturally drawn to these. While most would think hearts are for girls, they forget that these are a geometrical shape and that building designs is an activity boys enjoy as well. It is truly a product that’s good for everyone!

At the Congenital Heart Walk fundraiser's Planet Heart booth, a boy builds Heart Mandalas from Tali Lehavi's trademark hearts!

At the Congenital Heart Walk fundraiser's Planet Heart booth, a boy builds Heart Mandalas from Tali Lehavi's trademark hearts!


HeartMark Hands as rewards given at nutrition lectures

HeartMark Hands as Rewards given at nutrition lectures early in 2008 to encourage children to eat healthy

When I handed these out, nurses asked for extras to give to their patients!

Two BFF's bought my BFF necklaces to connect to make a heart and they're playing with the dice that have hearts on them, called the Sponap dice

Two BFF’s who bought matching T-Sponap HeartMarking necklaces, a trademark and patented design of course, which allows them to connect to make a heart between them! They are enjoying playing with the SPONAP dice and trying to make as many hearts as possible!
Tali Lehavi sells HeartMark jewelry called the T Sponap to fifth grade girls at the Farmer's Market Store

Fun Selling HeartMark brand jewelry to 5th graders!

solution to the two HeartMark Sponap Dice making a heart in every direction
Sponap Dice (TM) Available for Purchase, even with your logo for special events, in any color.  To order:


Planet Heart store at Farmer's Market, with shirts, games, jewelry, and customer waving

Planet Heart store at Farmer's Market!

Maria is actually saying hi, not stop!  This was the windiest day, but Planet Heart survived.  Planet Heart store has so much to sell and interact with customers:  The Grow By A Heart (TM) game featuring the Power of Infinite Goodness, the Power of Infinite Goodness(TM) sterling silver jewelry and dog tags, the Sponap Dice game, the Sponaps Collectible Poglike games, lots of beautiful books, the Heart Mandala wooden hearts, Lovelle dolls, T-shirts, lots of the HeartMark jewelry, HeartMark hand dog tags, Planet Heart notebooks, stickers, pencils, HeartMark Yogalates products, banners, posters, framed art, Heart Mandala products to order, and so much more!

Lovelle Costume

Lovelle mascot, to teach and entertain at any event! (Also available for purchase)

Gifted 5th and 4th graders at Redfield Elementary love the Sponaps with HeartBites!(TM)

Planet Heart at Farmer's Market during commercial filming on nutrition

Planet Heart store at Farmer's Market

The Planet Heart store sells everything Power Symbol and HeartMark (including HeartMark Rewards for Healthy Eating and HeartMark Nutrition Books!) while A commercial on Nutrition is being filmed for the Arizona Department of Health! Planet Heart loves to be a part of anything that is positive for our health!
And thank you to Scottsdale Shea Cardiology Pediatrics for purchasing a Heart Mandala book for the children! Also thank you to Phoenix Children’s Hospital–I am looking forward to HeartMark with Lovelle!


Next Collectible Craze-- HeartMark Rewards Game sold in AZ & CA

HeartMark Health at Sprouts Sunday, Everyone heartmarks

Eat By Order (tm) HeartMark Health lesson See What You Love

Eat By Order (tm) HeartMark Health lesson See What You Love (TM)

Lovelle teaches HeartMark Health at Sprouts in Ca & Az in 2008 & 2009

Lovelle teaches HeartMark Health at Sprouts in Ca & Az in 2008 & 2009

HeartMark link

Girls create the HeartMark link as part of a HeartMark Yogalates lesson

Planet Heart store at Farmer's Market

Congenital Heart Walk AZ Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Busy kids creating Heart Mandalas and coloring in!

busy Planet Heart craft table with children building heart mandalas and coloring

busy Planet Heart craft table with children building heart mandalas and coloring

Boy proudly shows heart mandala design that he colored in at Planet Heart craft booth

A boy who walked to raise funds for congenital heart challenges shows his Heart Mandala coloring design

Congenital Heart Walk, Girls building Heart Mandalas

Mouse HeartMarks, hands make a heart

Mouse HeartMarks

Frog HeartMarks

Frog HeartMarks! $6.95

Many Lovelles from Planet Heart

Many Lovelles HeartMark from Different Heartlands on Planet Heart