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thoughts on themes related to being a good parent, or a great citizen.

Balance—Finding Your Own Prescription

Everybody says balance is good for you. Every article tells you to exercise, eat, and sleep a certain amount that is not too little but not too much. That is the problem. “Everybody says.” It is time that you say it. As a society, we are used to following prescriptions in life–from school rules, to […]

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The Evils of Make-Up on Children

Everyone, make a HeartMark, take a breath in, let it out, and take time to think about something simple that we all do without much thought. Sometimes, the little things that we think are not worth worrying about are part of a bigger picture. Today’s seemingly unimportant bit is make up on children. Take time […]

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The Public Parent

The inner voice that used to keep us in line is being replaced by a new form of parental guidance: the public’s eye. This is a false guide to rely on, but it is the new parent that keeps everyone from celebrities to reality stars to politicians to private citizens in check. I will call […]

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Mandala exercises discovered to bring harmony to your dueling hemispheres

New Brain Exercises for the Right and Left Hemisphere Will Help You and Your Children! by Tali Lehavi Hamer Scottsdale, AZ– Author, artist, and inventor Tali Lehavi has found a new way to help us all feel better. She has already enriched the world by inventing the heart hand gesture called the HeartMark, which Taylor […]

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When I was growing up in Israel, we learned songs in school. The words in the songs were about the beauty of the local flowers, hills, fruits, and sun. The songs were always about peace and our wish for peace. Many favorite songs included typical Israeli activities that everyone can identify with, like eating watermelon […]

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Drowning in Toys

We’re always amazed by the amount that our parents managed to do in one day. How did they make the food from scratch, iron our underwear, and fix our beds, on top of everything else that they did? Well, I figured out the answer. They didn’t have to deal with the sheer quantity of stuff. […]

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Toys Provide Structure

This article is for parents of babies under 1 year. After they are older, they do not need to associate each corner with a lesson plan. At that point, they can learn to keep toys in one area of the house. But before they are ready for that… enjoy the benefits of having different corners […]

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