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Secret to Sleep

The secret to sleeping well is to do cardio. Stop surfing the web right now and head to the gym. Many exercises are healthy and many might say that they will help you sleep. For example, yoga, which I teach, says that it will relax you. It does. It makes you feel great. But for […]

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HeartThrob HeartMarks to match Poster Design

HeartThrob that matches posters by talilehaviView more Heartmark Photo Sculptures Complete your child’s room decor with this matching photo sculpture! On Planet Heart, The HeartThrob (TM) helps children heal. The HeartThrob creates Lehavi’s invented, patented, and trademarked heart hand gesture called the HeartMark. It is a gesture with multiple meanings, including a sign of inner […]

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PS Notes (R)–For Moments of Spontaneous Appreciation!

PS Notes (R) by talilehaviBrowse Appreciation Cards Featuring the HeartMark gesture invented by Tali Lehavi! The PS Notes is a line of cards to encourage moments of Spontaneous Appreciation.(TM). Each card features the original artwork of Tali Lehavi. In this card, the heart-hand gesture called the HeartMark expresses appreciation. Keep these cards handy because you […]

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