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Lesson to Elementary Students on Inventing

Lesson for ages: 6-10 Please invite me to talk in your classroom! The Invention Process: 1. One way to invent: Identify a problem. 2. Describe the problem and write it down. Example: “I’m uncomfortable from the seat belt strap in the car because it scratches my neck.” (This is an invention I came up with […]

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Lesson on Inventing

The Story of the HeartMark Invention and Patent Heartiyoli Friends! I am an inventor. I have several US Patents, trademarks, and copyrights. If you would like to read about the development process of one of my inventions—the heart hand patent which I call the HeartMark, read below. The HeartMark Invention is a combination of inspiration, […]

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HeartMark Yogalates Lesson, Ages 3-5

Heartiyoli! All fitness routines using the heart hand poses called the HeartMark which I invented, and making other shapes with the body are protected by US patent, trademark, and copyright laws. If you would like this lesson taught in your school, scouts, or community in general, please contact me for permission, more materials, suggestions, and […]

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Parent-Child HeartMark Yogalates Lesson Ages 5-Adult

This lesson is available only with licensing and permission from Tali Lehavi. Please contact for licensing or to hire me to teach/train you in the HeartMark Yogalates lessons. HeartMarkers sitting on the floor: butterheart legs, facing each other. Wake up the happy heart, nose, eyes, ears, 8 counts Lift and grow, burst open to […]

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HeartMark Yogalates Lesson for ages 4-6

Stretching/Balancing/jumping/games: The following routine is patented, copyrighted, and trademarked. It may be used with permission only. Please contact Tali Lehavi for licensing information: 1. Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark today! Let’s HeartMark, Let’s HeartMark, and have fun today! (Singing in circle, while heartmark–hands making a heart to each other) 2. Wake up the […]

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Heart Mandala Lesson for Gifted Students

What you need for this lecture: My special hearts for a few groups of 3-4, foam, or other shapes for making patterns. Please invite me to the school with my hearts and I will run the lecture for you! I bring my wooden hearts, hearts with magnets for demos, coloring pages, and foam pieces for […]

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