The HeartMark!

The trademark heart hand gesture called the heartmark

The trademark heart hand gesture called the heartmark, copyright of Tali Lehavi

The HeartMark™–The hand gesture in which hands make a heart is called the HeartMark. Lehavi Hamer invented this gesture. This gesture represents a lifestyle brand of connectivity. Many lines of art, jewelry, room decor, apparel, accessories, and oth Lehavi Hamer’s Heartlings–the characters from Planet Heart– express hello, peace, respect, and appreciation by making the HeartMark. Other designs by Lehavi join by making a heart, ie the heartmark. The HeartMark is the Heartling’s trademark gesture. It is also Lehavi’s trademark gesture in marketing the Heartlings and Planet Heart. This heart hand gesture is only allowed to be used by others upon a licensing agreement by Lehavi. The HeartMark has also been used by Lehavi while teaching HeartMark Yogalates, HeartMark Health, and the HeartMark Hop. Lehavi is a talented inventor and artist. At first Lovelle, the main character from Planet Heart, “spoke for” Lehavi to teach nutrition and yogalates to children. Since performing on various stages in front of large and small audiences in Arizona and California, Lehavi, as the creator of Lovelle, has taught hundreds of people together with Lovelle. Lehavi has also published some stories and has many more awaiting publication. Lehavi has more than a decade of intelligent, well developed products that were inspired by her HeartMark heart hand gesture. The heart hand gesture is as much spiritual and philosophical as it is practical. Lehavi has developed the spiritual, philosophical, and practical sides of the HeartMark fully. Each is backed by useful product lines. For example, Lehavi has written many empowering books about the HeartMark in her “Affirmation of the Self” series. She has written about the philosophical concept of love, connecting with others, turning negative space into a positive”(TM), and living/loving between the spaces.(TM) Lehavi has turned all these concepts of the HeartMark into gorgeous jewelry and furniture lines that connect with a heart between them. Like her trademark representative hand gesture, such is her trademark design style. It is protected by a US Patent. The HeartMark heart-hand gesture is available for licensing in multiple categories, including but not limited to jewelry, room décor, multi-media, entertainment, services, fitness, health, apparel, food, commercials, software, games, toys, and others. It is protected by a US Patent as well as several trademarks. Many heart hand gestures have been named by Lehavi. Each pose is available for licensing as well. All the poses and descriptions are part of the dancing that the Heartlings do on Planet Heart, as well as the HeartMark Yogalates that Lehavi teaches to earlthings. The poses in which any body parts combine to make a heart are protected by a US patent and are available for licensing by Lehavi. To license, contact: subject: licensing HeartMark kissing fish, greens

The HeartMark hands in a repeat pattern
HeartMark Hands in a HeartMark Frame repeat pattern!