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Dinner for Breakfast (TM)

You’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your grandmother warned you not to skip breakfast and even to eat a big meal. But for some reason, many people in the US take that to mean that they should eat typical American breakfast foods in a larger quantity. If you […]

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Mandala Secret Code?

I found this old entry from 7.1.1998, at 4:45 pm!!! It is a section in which I think to myself and brainstorm by writing my thoughts. I tend to review ideas this way at the same time. It is one of the methods I use to generate ideas. The marketable results from a section like […]

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The Original Lovelle (TM) plush $30.95

This is a collector’s item! The original Lovelle doll, making its TRADEMARK heart hand gesture since 1996! The doll matches storybooks starring Lovelle that are available for purchase through this website and through Amazon. Lovelle says “The Power of Infinite Goodness is Inside You!” (TM) when Lovelle makes the trademark HeartMark heart hand gesture! Supplies […]

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