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Heart Pictionary

The Heart Pictionary (TM) is a property for tween girls. It is a dictionary made 100% of hearts!

The goal is to license many heart words onto apparel, notebooks, bedding, and other products.

Currently, various books and public appearances in local schools are promoting the Heart Pictionary. Planet Heart is working on books that teach character education, as well as fun coloring activity books. Because all the words are made of hearts, the pictionary is fun and pretty!

The idea behind the pictionary is to create a totally positive language. There are pictionary words for “eating something healthy and enjoying it”–to instill a positive attitude right from the start. In fact, there are no negative words in the dictionary.

The Heart Pictionary has lots of character education words and words to teach nutrition, based on inventor’s Lehavi’s passions to teach what makes life work better.

Press this link to connect to Amazon and purchase the Heart Pictionary, or to find other books that have pictionary words in them!