Food Groups in Each Meal

Food groups to eat in every meal, small or big

Food groups to eat in every meal, small or big!

In every meal, small or big, eat these food groups!
You may eat one source that has several food groups at once.
For example, you may eat beans that have calcium, protein, and fiber. Notice the food is arranged by the benefits it has for your body. Please avoid food that does not have these nutritional benefits. Choose food that has as many of these benefits for the least amount of unhealthy fat, sugar, and artificial junk.
Please refer to my nutrition books for children and adults to learn more! 🙂

Notice that you could cut out the slices and reconnect them with the HeartMark–the heart bites taken out of them will connect through the HeartMark patent to make a heart.

Please notice that unhealthy items that have no nutritional benefits have no room on this HeartMark plate. If you were to put such a slice, it would take up the space for a healthy nutritional slice. Unhealthy ingredients in food rob the nutrients from the healthy food. This means that your body cannot use the healthy ingredients for growth and repair. That also means that you are more likely to get ill. Imagine the unhealthy ingredients robbing the healthy ingredients until you no longer want them!