Patent and Trademark Notice

hands create a heart

Lehavi's patented, trademarked, and copyrighted image called the HeartMark

Inventor Tali Lehavi is the inventor of the heart hand gesture. Inventor Lehavi named the many varieties of ways to make a heart with one’s body. She received a US PATENT that gives her the ownership of this gesture. This means that NO ONE is allowed to make the heart hand gesture without paying a license to Tali Lehavi.

In addition, Lehavi has been been using the heart hand gesture in commerce across state lines in multiple categories as the trademark representation of her licensing ventures. The heart hand gesture is a registered US trademark.

Lehavi named the heart hand gesture the HeartMark. She has been calling it the heartmark and it is her trademark name as well.

Lehavi also has copyright protection for the various variations of HeartMark poses.

Teaching any subject with children and using the heart hand gesture in any form without permission from Lehavi is against the law. Lehavi will defend her intellectual property rights as they apply to her patent, trademarks, and copyrights.

Please contact Tali Lehavi to learn how you can license the heart hand gesture called, the heartmark, in all its forms.

If you would like to license the HeartMark for use in your classes or products, Lehavi has a wealth of materials that you will receive. Lehavi has assembled great books with HeartMark poses for teaching HeartMark Yogalates, to appeal to many age groups. She also has HeartMark designs for apparel, accessories, room decor, and many other products. In addition, Lehavi has written books, stories, poems, television, and stories about the HeartMark.

It is against the law to create products with the heart hand pose without Lehavi’s permission. Do not violate US Intellectual property laws.