The HeartFlowers (TM)

HeartMarking Heartflower with doglike face

A variety of styles and colors are available

red heartflower in vignette

HeartFlowers are unique but they love to connect through love!

HeartMarking HeartFlower with heart hand extensions

HeartMarking doglike HeartFlower

The HeartFlowers(TM) are a gorgeous line of designs of flowers from Planet Heart. This is an art brand. It is available for licensing for textiles, apparel, publishing, multi-media, animation, software, and other categories.
The HeartFlowers come to life on Planet Heart because Lovelle is such a great gardener. They wiggle out of their roots and HeartMark dance in appreciation.
I have beautiful designs for bedsheets that I would love to license. If you manufacture a product that you think will be a great fit, please contact me! I would love to license this unique and lively art brand.


Two HeartMarking Flowers heart hold hands

HeartMarking HeartFlower Buddies from Planet Heart (TM)

heart hand, heartmark,

The heart hand gesture invented by Lehavi called the Up HeartMark

Let Nature Sing and Dance HeartFlowers that HeartMark

Let Nature Sing and Dance, drawn around 1997

reaching to heartmark others

HeartMarking Flowers from the series that you connect

HeartMarking Heartflowers from the series with matching butterflies, dudes, and others

HeartMarking Flowers, these have many matching and purposely mismatching HeartButterflies and Heartdudes

Most of my beautiful designs are in super high resolution tiff because I used them in portfolios and brochures. I don’t like posting on the webs anyway. For anyone interested in seeing how beautiful these flowers are and how they connect to make the HeartMark, which is my trademark and patent, then I would love to show my portfolios. The HeartFlowers are available for licensing onto clothing, bedsheets, stickers, and of course–they are part of the adventures on Lovelle’s Garden and Planet Heart, which is available for licensing and television shows as well.
Contact to see more or to license my work!