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The Monkey Vs. The Tiger–Which One Are You?

I learned about the monkey and the tiger in Dietary Anthropology in UC Berkeley. It was one of my favorite courses—I highly recommend it. So this is not a HeartMark Health original, but it helped form many of my theories and it will help you when you think about your food choices. The monkey eats […]

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Serving Size vs. Value Guide

The “serving size” on food labels is misnamed. It is time to change the name. It should be called: “Value Guide.” Currently, the serving size implies that people should eat the amount of the serving. This amount makes no sense to people. It is completely determined by the product’s desire to appear safe compared to […]

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The Protein-Fiber-Calcium-Essential Oils Relationship

HeartMark Health prefers to group food by 4 main categories that are different from the government’s groups. HeartMark Health has been teaching this for a long time. The recent changes to the food pyramid reflect that the government is finally getting closer to understanding that the benefits from the food are the focus of the […]

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